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Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe, 617 Fourth St. Eureka, CA 95501

Protest Against Defamation of Lord Ganesha: Image on INDICA IPA Beer - Kadyan

Protest Against Lord Ganesha Defamation : Image on Beedi and Beer - Naresh Kadyan

Kind attention:-
Hon'ble Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.
It is humbly submitted that:
- I belongs to Hindu community and came to know that Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe using Lord
Ganesha image on their product -Indica India Pale Ale beer indica india pale ale , which is
objectionable because it hurt our feeling, sentiments and believes of all devotees of Lord
- Kindly treat it as a public interest litigation.
-Direction may kindly be issued to the Indian Ambassador in US to take up this matter with the
manufacturers and to ensure zero stock of this alleged beer bottles with Lord Ganesha image in
market / with distributors of the company.
- Directions for the Commissioner of Delhi Police for FIR in this matter as per law of the land.
Naresh Kadyan with Sahil Grewal,
C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar,
Rohini, DELHI - 110085.
1. Naresh Kadyan Delhi - India, India This hurt our feelings, sentiments and believes of all
devotees of Lord Ganesha, it is requested to the Delhi
Police Commissioner to direct concerned officer to lodge
an FIR against all offenders - manufacturers, distributor,
promoter and user of this alleged beer. It is further humbly
requested to the Hon'ble Chief Justice of India to treat it as
a public interest litigation.
2. Ayush Khaitan Singapore, Singapore Have some brains bro!!! I don't think you'll sell a lot of
3. sandeep
Madawaar Gupta
Agra.u.p india, India its to redicoulous they dont know indian culture.thts why
they hurt indian people i personally suggest all
user avoid it.
sandeep Madawaar gupta
4. Kailash Relan PROVIDENCE, RI This hurt our feelings, sentiments and believes of all
devotees of Lord Ganesha,
5. OIPA INDIA Delhi, India Yes, beer should be banned, manufacturer, promoter and
user be prosecuted....
6. Social Service Delhi - India, India We do not want to promote the product but we will fight for
removal of Lord Ganesha image from the
beer.........moving for criminal, legal proceedings here in
India, matter taken up with the Delhi Police by Naresh
Kadyan, keep it up.
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Name From Comments
7. Sukanya Kadyan Delhi, India
8. Prime Minister
., India
9. Animal Abused ., India
10. Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India
11. Khadi Federation Delhi - India, India
12. Madan Pal .., India
13. sophia dalle ny, NY
14. Carolyn Tonahill Baton Rouge, LA
15. Alejandra Vega Buenos Aires,
16. ivona Parkaceva Skopje, Macedonia,
The Former Yugoslav
Republic Of
17. Anne Thompson Lancashire. England,
United Kingdom
18. Alicya Lima Silvolde, Netherlands
19. Michelle Menger Hambach, France
20. AJ Redford Wichita, KS It's a beautiful label, but it seems disrespectful to put it on a
bottle of beverage that likely will be consumed when
religion is not uppermost in the consumer's mind.
21. chris beal Louth, United
22. Amena
Steuben, ME
23. faith armstrong Byhalia, MS How tacky that they would do this has a promotional ad.
It is insulting to all those who follow this religion.
The followers of Lord Ganesha deserve an apology and
24. Eleanor Boyd Wishaw, United
25. charles mclachlan None, United
26. cowboss for the
27. Lily Arnold London, United
28. Greg Hand Omaha, NE
29. Jan Geren Shasta Lake, CA
30. David tsosie Phoenix, AZ
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31. David Buchan Fremantle, Australia I have signed this petition, although I totally disagree with
it, purely in order to post the following comment...
Beer is a product, designed by man, a product of God and
in his/her wisdom gave us the power to do just that!
Who are you to deny this?...
On this earth there are so many 'god' fearing people of so
many diverse Gods...Which one is the right one?...
Beer is beer and God is God...NO discrimination and no
reason whatever to vent your disaproval of beer or the
label on the bottle!
Therefore no man
32. Angela VanCleve Alachua, FL
33. Susan Marden North Vassalboro, ME
34. Cristina Seica Anadia, Portugal
35. Joycey Berry Canton, NC
36. Barb Knight Candler, NC
37. Fabienne Patry Metz, France I'm no hindu, but I love an drespect Indian culture and
religions, and I think it's wrong to use Ganesh image which
is one of the most loved Gods to put on a beer. If it had
been Mohammed on the beer, the enterprise would have
fear repreasals, use your imagination and try something
38. Karen Simmons Gowanstown,
39. Robert Redmon Dayton, OH
40. Charlene
Prairie Grove, AR
41. Gail Costic Bushkill, PA
42. Birdie Bay Dallas, TX
43. PipperLea Nicol St. John, Canada
44. Zoey Avery Albany, NY
45. Kat Yazzie El Dorado, KS
46. Pam Boland Grovetown, GA
47. Nelly Pinasco Lima, Peru
48. Katrin
Chemnitz, Germany
49. Cheryl Bryant Hervey Bay, Australia
50. Rafael Apollo Lido Saint Cloud, MN
51. Filomena Lomba
United Kingdom
52. Steve Klein Herndon, VA For more impact, add a personal comment here
53. ALPHA WI Freeland, Germany
Page 3 - Signatures 31 - 53
Name From Comments
54. Denise Tankha Calcutta, India I think it a sad statement of the values being instilled in
people that they have lost all sensitivity towards their
neighbours. Religion is so personal and no one should
defame anyone's. Its akin to defaming one's mother, don't
you think?
55. SL VSL Sofia, Bulgaria
56. Katherine Hughes Albany, OR
57. Tamara Palmer Durhamville, NY
58. Ginger Geronimo Birmingham, AL
59. Jennifer Merva Comstock Park, MI This is disrespect, this is what can start wars. India is a
poor nation that can get walked on with ideas like this. This
company should be fined. They need to change the label.I
am sorry to see this people of India.
60. Barbara Duval Mosheim, TN
61. raj kumar Monroe, LA
62. Ancient One Greenwood, MS
63. Sudha
Redwood City, CA
STREAMWOOD, IL stop making label of our god Ganesh label to sale your
stupid beer It is insult and hate crime for hindus and our
belief. Why use this label can you find some proper beer
label. Take all bottle from store and production
65. Roy Cee Grants Pass, OR
66. Rita Kerkhofs Antwerp, Belgium
67. mandeep
st kilda, Australia
68. Allan Obreg˘Ć┐Ż Port Arthur, TX forget changing the label this company needs to be shut
someone needs to tell these people:
69. Darlene Davis Garden City, MI
70. Dominique
Riverside, CA
71. Krishna Prasad Palakkad, India Truly shocking. Is USA...really secular, if so, all people
irrespective of their religion shud react. Already the world is
boiling in the name of religion/s.
72. Ajay Singh Hyderabad, India
73. anil bhanot London, United
On behalf of Hindu Council UK which is an umbrella body
of all UK Hindus I condemn the use of Hindu Gods images
on the beer bottlles or any commercial insignia.
74. Dipen Rajyaguru London, United
Nothing new, another blatant attack on Hinduism from
cultually, socially and religiously niave and inciteful.
Page 4 - Signatures 54 - 74
Name From Comments
75. Dipen Rajyaguru London, United
Nothing new, another blatant attack on Hinduism from
cultually, socially and religiously niave and inciteful.
76. Nitin Mehta London, United
77. Shiv PANDE Liverpool, United
Shiv Pande MBE DL JP FRCGP Fellow ODA
78. Grace Takelal Coraopolis, PA I agree:putting LORD GANESHA on beer bottles is very
disrespectful and needs to be stopped !
79. Mayur Haria Stanmore, United
Not only tolerance, but more importantly RESPECT is
required in this world of ours for peace. This blatant
disrespect, probably caused by ignorance, does not help
80. Dhiresh Hirani London, United
This is surely a disgrace, Clearly someone who has done
this has no sense of value or care at all for Hindus. Totally
lunatic. The words can be so much more for this in a
negative fashion, but of which i rather no speak of. Please
remove such audacity.
81. Tulsi Daudia Leicester, United
If you have guts, Try this type of mischief with head of
muslim religion.
82. Ramchand R Sivakasi, India Company should be warned and we should boycot that
83. megan houlihan Beverly, MA
84. Louis Reginato Jr Chesapeake, VA
85. Amarjeet-singh
Bhamra PhD
Windsor, United
86. Sudhir Patel Leicester, United
ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LONDON, United
88. Mayur Patel Leicester, United
I am disgused to learn that, these types of offensive
adevertisments have been allowed in country that prides
itself on respecting peoples individual religous beliefs.
89. Dr. Raghunir
Singh Kadyan
Speaker, Haryana
Chandigarh, India Yes I do agree with the contents of this petition and
support Naresh Kadyan efforts....keep it up.
90. guruduttagarg
Palwal, India I sport to you and your team for this action.I am really
hurted to listen that Lord Ganeshas picture image on the
bear bottel.It must be remove from bear bottel.
91. Leo Bar Eilat, Israel
92. sa ch yorba linda, CA
94. Lalkrishan Advani Delhi, India
Page 5 - Signatures 75 - 94
Name From Comments
95. Jotangia
Coventry, United
Please stop this sort of Defamation & try this to Muslims &
experience the difference
96. dinesh Solanki leicestyer, United
97. Lyhann
Mexico, Mexico
98. Irma Paulme Q.c., Philippines
99. Susan Halloran Virginia Beach, VA
100. Tatiana Costa Sao Paulo, Brazil
Page 6 - Signatures 95 - 100

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